Youth See Healings & Salvations in South Africa

George Stowers and I led a team of seven youth and young adults to South Africa, the youngest only thirteen. The first evening some of the team ate at a Nando’s restaurant, where they prayed for an employee with back pain, and she was healed. Another one of our youth then got a word of knowledge that someone had a burn on their hand. The waitress said, “I know who that is!” She went to the back and returned with a cook who had just burned his hand that day. Jesus healed him, too. About that time the restaurant closed for the evening, and all 16-18 employees stopped what they were doing, lined up in front of our team and asked for prayer! God did a lot of amazing things there.

We ministered at a public school, and stood before the whole assembly of about 800 students. The school was experiencing a number of behavioral problems including substance abuse. We led a worship song, gave testimonies, then shared on the Father’s love. When we bowed to pray, some of them with tears in their eyes, one of our team members who was stationed on a second floor balcony said about 600 of them indicated they gave their lives to Jesus. When we closed the chapel time, the students fairly mobbed our team.

At a youth conference in Johannesburg George got the local youth to pray for the people, and a number were healed. A 16 year old girl was healed of sharp pain in her hip, and her eyes were significantly improved so that she could see much better without her glasses, and began to cry when she realized what happened. A man’s back and legs were healed, and after the service ran up and down the sidewalk to show us what he could do (in a suit, in downtown Johannesburg). A number of others were healed. When the local pastor closed the service, he said, “You have no idea what you have done tonight. Our church will never be the same. You came with a simple gospel message, but with power.”

Afterward we went to the home of a believing wife and her husband. He was quite shocked to hear the stories, and commented, “Are you guys for real?” They asked us to pray for them, so we began with him. Two of the youth prayed for his ankles, which were in pain; he stood up, walked around, and said, “Well, I hate to admit it, but it does feel better.” After another prayer the pain went to zero. He couldn’t keep a smile off his face, and began pulling his kids and others up for prayer. The next was a friend or house servant, and her legs got healed. Several other healings happened, so that by the end of it, the unbelieving dad prayed for us, a very heart-felt prayer for several minutes, in his native Tswana. Some of us got tears in our eyes. Something amazing had happened to this man, and he hugged each one of us before we left.

To know Him and make Him known.


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