Hosting His Presence. Equipping His People. Reaching His World.

God is very good.

We celebrate God’s goodness, knowing He is never to blame for bad things. This fills us with faith for the miraculous and hope that the best is yet to come.

We hunger for His presence.

We find our identity and our fruitfulness as we live in His presence, staying hungry because there is always more. We create an atmosphere of freedom where the Holy Spirit is free to have His way among us.

We operate with honor.

We acknowledge people’s value as those for whom Christ died without stumbling over their weaknesses. We honor other churches, ministries and Christian groups, knowing that we need each part of the body of Christ to come to full maturity.

We value family and community.

We understand family and community as the context for growing to spiritual maturity. Only in our interaction with others do we learn to love as Jesus loved.

Our identity flows from grace.

The cross has made us whole, changing our very identity so that we aren’t defined by our performance, but we are transformed by His profound love for us. We value people over religious dogma, acknowledging that we are all in process.

We are incomplete by design.

We need each other and the gifts that others have in order to fulfill our assignments and come to full maturity.

Every believer is a minister.

We desire to see every believer equipped and released to love like Jesus loves and minister like He ministers.

Our message requires power.

The Holy Spirit releases healings, prophecy, deliverance, signs, wonders, and miracles, essential expressions of the gospel message. A gospel without power is not good news.

We actively love our city.

We serve our city and region with no strings attached, with great hope for reconciliation and blessing as we invite the life of God into our city.

Our vision is global.

We are actively involved in reaching our region, our nation and the nations of the earth, giving time, money and resources to see the gospel go forth to every creature.


Sundays @ 10:00 am

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