Our New Members course, called Discovering Dayspring, is four sessions which meet on Wednesday nights. For information on this new course, call the church office at 864-4338 or write us an email at

Week 1: Discovering God

A lifestyle of worship fills us with His joyful presence, and makes everything else we do more effective.

Week 2: Discovering Family

Essential to our growth is learning to belong to God and to His family, moving from acquaintances to deep friendships.

Week 3: Discovering Purpose

Here we explore the gifts God gives to His people – including the fivefold ministry gifts – and how they impact our lives. He has equipped you for ministry!

Week 4: Discovering Mission

Join us as we take God’s love and power to our city, our region and the nations. Your destiny is bigger than you think!

When you complete the course, you have the opportunity to join the Dayspring family. Hope to see you there!


Sundays @ 10:00 am

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