CORE Family Groups exist to develop real, authentic relationships in the body of Christ that focus on encouraging each other as we pursue the UP, DOWN, IN, and OUT’s of our walks with Jesus.

A CORE Family Group consists of a multi-generational blend of 6-20 believers who gather together a minimum of twice monthly and are led by an approved Dayspring CFG leader.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a CORE Family Group?
    • CORE Family Groups (CFG’s) exist to develop real, authentic relationships in the body of Christ that focus on encouraging each other. A CORE Family Group (CFG) is an multi-generational blend of 6-20 adults (approx.) who desire to “do life” together in Christ-centered relationships. They gather two or more times a month to share a meal, swap testimonies, pray, and encourage each other. They also exist to support each other in loving the people around us in our spheres of influence.
  • When do they meet?
    • You can find Core Family Groups meeting any given evening of the week across the Springfield region. In our list of CORE Family Groups you will see the days and times that they meet to ensure the group will work for your schedule.
  • What if I have kids?
    • Kids are very welcome and very much a part of what we desire CORE Family Groups to look like: family! We believe that if children are a part of the group, they will never “graduate” from church, because no one ever graduates from family! Each group handles children differently, but our desire is to include the children into some of the “spiritual activities” of the group, such as worship, communion, sharing testimonies, etc.
  • What does a typical Core Family Group meeting look like?
    • It varies from group to group, but you will typically see a meal shared together, some fun activities, conversation, prayer and a time to share stories about what God is doing in and through each group member. You may also see a time of worship, a time of praying for people who do not have a relationship with God, a time of engaging the Word, and reaching out and loving our neighbors/coworkers!
  • Who are the Core Family Group leaders?
    • The leaders of each group are all trusted Dayspring members who carry a love in their heart to see each member in the body reach their potential in Christ through connection to the Body of Christ!
  • How do I join a Core Family Group?
    • Simply click the "Join This Group" link on the CORE Family Group you are interested in, and complete the simple form. You will be contacted with more details!
  • What if I don’t connect with a group that I visit?
    • Our goal at Dayspring is to help you find meaningful relationships in which you can grow. We understand that it may take checking out two or three different groups to find the right fit. With that in mind, we encourage you to give each group a few weeks before trying a new one. It usually takes a few weeks for people to break the ice and begin connecting.


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