Dead Boy Raised

Here in Mozambique, we send out teams house to house in groups of four or five during the day and then show the Jesus film at night. During this particular outreach, one of the groups came across a blind lady—who was instantly healed after a simple prayer in Jesus’ name.

After this, one of the groups saw two ladies in distress.  They asked what had happened, and they said their friend’s son had just passed away—a nine year old boy named Ahmade who, they were told, died of cerebral malaria. He had been dead for three hours when they came across a stiff body that the family was wrapping up for burial.  They said they were sorry for their loss, but asked if they could pray for the child. The family agreed.

After an hour and ten minutes, the child opened his eyes and came back from the dead! When he saw his son awakened, the father ripped off his hat, dropped to his knees, and said, “Jesus is the true and living God, and I will serve him!” His whole household as well as many neighbors got born again.

To know Him and make Him known.


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