Dayspring Christian School

Dayspring Christian School, our K-12 school, offers a quality Christian education in a positive, loving atmosphere. Dayspring Christian School is committed to helping students fulfill their God-given destinies by providing a quality, affordable Christian education in a positive, loving environment, filled with the presence and teachings of Jesus Christ. We provide a quality education from a Christian perspective, combined with a full K4-12th grade academic program, allowing your child to grow and thrive as they stay in the same curriculum and godly environment throughout their school years.

Through excellent phonics training and high educational standards, Kindergartners learn to read. Classes feature hands-on science activities and lab experiments, and language lessons emphasize writing along with grammar. Our high school curriculum is geared for all students to achieve a college preparatory diploma.

Where We Meet

2157 N Prospect Ave

Springfield, MO 65803

Meet the Team

Sherri Reaves


Sundays @ 10:00 am

Wednesdays @ 6:00 pm

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