Eyes & Ears Healed

“The infected eye will have to be removed.”

I am a Home Health nurse; in early July of 2016, Martha (not her real name) gave me this doctor’s report. An elderly patient of mine who had a number of health issues, her right eye had been blind for years. Now it was infected, and the doctor said it needed to be removed. I prayed for her, commanding the infection to go. Two weeks later, when I came to see her, she smiled and said, “Guess what? The infection is gone, and the doctor said I get to keep my eye!”

“Can you see out of it now?” I asked.

“No, but I’m okay with that.” I wasn’t okay with it, and told her and the others with us that we were going to reach up into heaven and get a brand new eyeball for her. I was serious, but it struck us all as funny, and the laughter seemed to increase our faith and joy. I shared with them how I had prayed for a woman with bad knees a week prior to this, reached up into heaven and got two new knees for her. The woman had been completely healed. Now Martha said, “Do you mind praying for my knee? I fell last week, its swollen and in a lot of pain.”

When I got done praying, she lifted her knee and said, “Whoa, it really feels better!” Twenty minutes later, her knee was still very warm and almost completely pain-free. We prayed again, this time for a new eyeball, one that could see. Later, her sister said, “Martha, your eyeball is getting bigger!” (According to them, it had shrunk from the infection). Her daughter also said, “Mamma, your eye IS getting bigger! And its whiter!” She still can’t see out of it, but I believe that is coming!

Recently my husband Mike and I were at Wal-Mart when I felt impressed to talk to the young woman in line in front of us. “Is there anything I can pray with you about?”

After talking with her, she told us, “I got an infection in my ear as a child, and ever since I haven’t been able to hear well out of it.” I prayed for her as we stood in line, then whistled softly to see if she could hear out of the ear. She looked surprised and said, “I heard that!”

We prayed again, then I whispered very softly, from about two feet away, “I love you.”

“I heard that!” God had healed her ear.

I shared that story with another patient of mine, and to my surprise she said, “I’m 80% deaf in my left ear.” I prayed for it, and she said, “My ear just opened! It always sounds like its clogged, stuffed with something, but now it really is better! It’s like you just took an ear plug out!”

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