Carpel Tunnel Healed

When she came into the food pantry on Nov. 10, 2016, Shirley Conway had a brace on her arm for the carpel tunnel she had been suffering from for two years. As Wilma Lou and Tamara prayed for her, Wilma Lou felt heat in her hand where she was touching her brace.  Wilma Lou asked her after the prayer, “Do you think you ought to take that brace off?”

“Yeah, that’s what I was thinking!” she replied.

She took it off, and while they watched, the swelling went down!

Shirley lifted her arm up and said, “No pain, no pain!” She picked up a book with that hand, something she had been unable to do, and was very excited. She put the book over her face and cried with joy. “I’m healed, Praise God, I’m healed!”

That was one of five healings they saw that day.


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