A Healing at Work

I care for an elderly woman at my work who told me that every morning she woke up with shooting pain in her arm and side, and she was unable to lift her arm up. At about 4am she asked me to rub pain reliever on her. When I asked, she eagerly gave me permission to pray for her. I prayed a short prayer and she immediately felt better!

“Do you want me to rub the cream on now, or do you want me to pray for you again?”

“Both!” she answered.

So I prayed for her again after I rubbed the cream on her, then told her, “I believe you’re going to have a good update for me in the morning.” Two hours later at 6am I checked on her again. She motioned for me to come sit by her on the bed, and she began to wave her arm over her head! She had no pain at all, and full range of motion in her arm. She was very excited about what God had done for her. So was I!

To know Him and make Him known.


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