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Women are not just wives and mothers. Whether you’re married, unmarried, divorced, widowed, a stay-at-home parent, or anything in between, God’s calling on your life will not go away.

Dayspring is committed to making all women feel a belonging and a purpose inside and outside the walls of the church. The goal of our women’s ministry is to release women to pursue and fulfill their dreams, with activities designed to help women connect with each other and grow together as lovers and servants of Christ.

Our mission is to Inspire, Connect, and Empower Dayspring Women in all the different seasons of life to purposefully embrace a lifestyle of honor, joy, faithfulness and love for God and one another.


Women’s Pastor Sandra Beale

Sandra - Women's Pastor




Women’s Ministry Updates

Dayspring Women’s Intercession

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Join us for Dayspring Women’s Intercession Wednesdays at 10am in the Atrium.
The atrium is located on the second floor of the south building.

Women inspired to prayer for the nations, our city, the church, Israel and our families are invited.

Come be inspired to the calling that changes everything: prayer.