Passion For God – Compassion For People – Mission To The World

Our Mission

Hosting His Presence

Our first mission is to carry the life-changing presence of God into our world. This is our greatest privilege and joy.

Equipping His People

We are called to train and send believers into the harvest, equipped with an understanding of who God is, who we are, and able to use the authority He has given us.

Reaching His World

Our mission is to see heaven invade earth in every realm of society, in our community and around the world, that the nations would belong to our Lord and King, Jesus Christ.

What We Believe


We believe that the Bible is the inspired, infallible Word of God and is the final authority for our faith and conduct.

We believe in the one true God, existing in three Persons as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We believe that salvation is only possible through Jesus Christ’s death on the cross and resurrection from the dead, paying the penalty for our sins.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is as active in the world and Church today as in the lives of the first apostles, and the gifts He has given to the church continue to operate.