Treasure Hunts

Treasure hunts are an outreach with a twist. Based on biblical principles, treasure hunts begin with the simplicity of hearing words of knowledge from God that lead you to an individual in the community. Witnessing the love and saving grace of Jesus does not need to be invasive or argumentative; rather, it is a supernatural encounter when God reveals Himself in a specific way. This is the heart of treasure hunts: allowing God to speak to us about people we have never met, then going out to find them and sharing the love and power of God in a non-threatening way. The people are God’s treasures, and we let Him lead us to them, armed with words of knowledge concerning areas of need in their life, or an encouraging prophetic word that reveals God’s great heart for them.


In Acts 9:10-19 the Lord spoke to Ananias and told him where to go to find Saul of Tarsus, and what to say and do when he got there. Ananias followed God’s lead, and the result was the salvation and healing of Paul the apostle.


We normally meet on the third Sunday evening of the month at the Community Center. Watch the announcements on Sunday morning for our next treasure hunt, and come join the action.


Testimony From a Treasure Hunt

Testimonies of healings, salvations, prophetic words and divine encounters from our treasure hunts abound. On one Dayspring treasure hunt, Nate Harris and a team were led to a man named Brian in the Battlefield Mall. Brain had been beaten with a baseball bat and robbed. His left arm and both hands were severely bruised, broken, swollen, and very tender to the touch. The arm was fractured in three places. The Dayspring team found him less than a week after the incident.


In Nate’s words, “He agreed to let us pray for him, and after the first prayer he said, ‘I feel hot all over,’ so he took off his jacket. As we prayed again, Brian began to open and close his hand and said, ‘I couldn’t do that before – I think it’s getting better!’ After several more prayers and some encouragement he took off the cast, tried it out and discovered he had no pain at all, and full movement!


Brian was so shocked that he went back into the store he had just come out of to throw his cast away, telling those behind the counter, ‘These guys just prayed for my broken arm and it got healed!’


Brian showed up at Dayspring soon after, telling his story to many others and showing off his newly restored arm.

Meet the Team

Nate Harris