Life Anew

Learning how to live an overcoming life, meeting new friends, discussing biblically based material, eating together – this is Life-Anew. If you are interested in growing with others, strengthening your faith or overcoming issues that are confronting you, Life-Anew is for you. Tuesday night at 6:30pm the group gathers in the Community Center (Dayspring South Building) for a meal, time together and discussion of the material. The topics include Stepping Into Freedom, Anger, Peacemakers, Restoring Families and others practical issues.


For more information on Life-Anew, contact Jerry at or Ginger at 417-848-5433 (848-LIFE).

Where We Meet

South Building - Community Center

When We Meet

Tuesdays at 6:30 pm

Meet the Team

Jerry Russell

Ginger Burns

Connect With Us

Jerry at

Ginger at 417-848-5433 (848-LIFE)