Daniel & Natasha Burgess

Youth Pastors

Passion in Ministry

To know and make known the glory, splendor and beauty of Jesus. To see a generation emerge with burning hearts and laid down lives. May the Lamb receive the reward of His suffering starting in us, The Lamb is worthy.

Simple Pleasures

Leading prayer sets, photography, writing, teaching, road trips, our kids, date nights, Settlers of Catan, community and sourdough bread.

Favorite Places

Home, National parks, church, sketchy taco shops, Mama Jeans, airplanes taking us to beautiful places.


We are Daniel and Natasha Burgess, and our kiddos are Judah Nathanael & Selah Jerusalem.

Favorite Quote

“Alexander, Charlemagne and myself all tried to found an empire on force and we failed. Jesus Christ is building an empire on love, and today there are millions of people who would gladly die for His sake.” - Napoleon Bonaparte

To know Him and make Him known.


Sundays @ 10:00 am

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