DNA Groups

Disciple, Nurture, Apostolic Mission

DNA Groups are intimate and authentic relationships within a group of 2-4 gender specific individuals that has a culture of grace, love, acceptance, belonging, and encouragement.  DNA Groups assist the believer in becoming all that Christ intended for them through constant encouragement, renewing one’s identity in Christ, engagement with the Word, and vulnerability.  DNA Groups are also meant to assist the believer in reaching their sphere of influence with the love of Christ through harvest prayer and relationship building with the world around them.

What do DNA groups talk about when they meet?

DNA Groups address the questions of 1.”What am I hearing from the Spirit and the Word?” and 2. “How am I listening and obeying?”  The DNA members help each other in addressing the UP/DOWN/IN/OUT of our walks with Christ.


Upward in worship, adoration, thanksgiving. How is your connection with God?


Hearing and obeying God’s voice through the Word and the Spirit. Engaging a Bible reading plan together, hearing from the Spirit for each other.


Inward in covenant relationships within the family, friends, coworkers. Also inward in letting the Spirit speak through one another to see inner wounds healed.


Having an outward focus on seeing people in our spheres of influence experience the love of God. The desire is to multiply the DNA Group when it reaches four people.

How do I start a DNA Group?

It starts with a desire to grow in the Lord by walking together in friendship with one or two other people.  First, ask one or two people in your life if they have a desire to grow spiritually! Then, see if they are willing to commit to meet on a weekly or twice a month basis in order to talk about walking with Christ!  A regular training is offered to those who wish to start a DNA Group; be on the lookout for dates found on dayspring.life, the Dayspring Facebook page, and the weekly Sunday bulletin.


Sundays @ 10:00 am

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